Auditing Services 

Our team of ISO certified consultants are called on as 'External Resource' Consultants for some of the UK's leading ISO Organisations.  We deliver a wide range of services which include:

Gap Analysis - before setting up any ISO quality system, we undertake a GAP analysis to identify the requirements of the ISO standards that may already be in place and those missing that are needed to meet the relevant standard(s).

Pre-Assessment Audit - is a complete audit of your ISO quality system to determine if you are ready to meet the Stage 1 and Stage 2 certification audit.  This includes identifying and addressing any nonconformities and corrective action plans.

Internal Auditing Services - additional supporting services for those organisations looking to outsource internal audits to an outside audit specialist.

Supplier Audits - supporting you with the audit of any Supplier's quality system to determine if the system complies with an identified ISO standard and customer specific requirements.

Outsourced Virtual CISO Services - support for those organisation's who need to outsource the maintenance of their  ISO services including conducting interal audits, management corrective and preventative actions, preparation of information for the Management Review meeting and, consulting on the planning and improvement objectives.   As a certified and seasoned former EMEA Director across cybersecurity and information management systems, coupled with building and supporting clients with Business Continuity (ISO22301) and Cybersecurity Incident Management (ISO27001), we can support you at any point of your CISO journey.

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